The FOCUS Family

FOCUS Magazine & Gallery would have no point without YOU, our patrons and visitors. We do it for you – and for us. FOCUS Magazine & Gallery would not exist without every single person who contributes to our growth. We have a family of dedicated contributors every month that write, or take photos, or do reviews and interviews. We have contributors who layout the magazine and those who keep the group chat pleasant, relevant and lively.

Below is a list of the talented people who are current contributors!

Angela Thespian, Patrick Ireland, Tara Tisane, Rachel Magic (Larisalyn) Kairi Cristole, Morri Strauss, Tyler Cross, Kaleb Wolf Avedon, Lyda Sands, Silivren, Heather Fall, Thomas Crown, Chevy Phoenix, Linda Hedda, Dana Or, Marque Shergood, Connie (CJ) Tearlach, Ilyra Chardin, Avalon and Yoh Boa, Loegan Magic, Shaw & Paeoti Juran, Kimmy Littleboots, Lydia Fairmont, Cesar Lighthouse, Morri Outlander, Roxi

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