FOCUS Magazine’s June Photo Contest! JOIN US!


June’s photo contest is all about ASPHALT!

Anything that has to do with a road, highway, parking lot – go where your imagination takes you! Dirt roads work too. Please use the dropbox at the FOCUS Gallery to submit your photos. When in doubt, send to Angelathespian. Due date is June 24th. The June 25th Friday voting event at 6pm will have Vinalyn, DJ Donna, and on Saturday at noon we will have Thera D. and DJ Souv.

Linden prizes: 750 1st place, 500 2nd place and 250 3rd place. Good luck!


The JUNE ISSUE of FOCUS Magazine is here

Hi Everyone,

The June issue of FOCUS Magazine is here! We have lovely articles featuring Rachel Magic and Janjii Rugani. Also, Belen interviews our group member and blogger, Lakaluka. And Siobhin Shippe “photo bombs” Curtis Trevellion! It’s a super issue and I hope you all enjoy it.

Also featured are the winners of the FOCUS Photography Fair challenge winners! If you missed them, you get to see them here!

Angela Thespian ♥

Burlesque with Hedy Patrucci at Lyrics Entertainment June 13, 1am and 1pm

When I envision a Burlesque show, a grand theater comes to mind in glamourous gold and flirty red, bright with spotlights — but not without a few shadowed corners where the walls whisper and trysts are schemed. The place is filled with beautiful people, some brightly adorned with colorful ostrich feathers, dressed with the intent to entertain and seduce. And last but not least is the talented host on stage, eager to make us laugh, maybe even cry a bit, but definitely to raise the temperature.

In a word, Burlesque is provocative. And no one does it better than Hedy Patrucci.

If you follow live music in Second Life, you’re probably familiar with the name Hedy Patrucci. She is a talented singer in SL who regularly spoils us with her unique voice. Every year, Chant Lyric of Lyric’s Entertainment hosts a Grand Burlesque show that features Hedy Petrucci, her best friend, singing live from The Netherlands. This year, the show date is fast approaching on Sunday, June13th.

These two lovely ladies combine their skills to produce a show unlike any other in Second Life. Hedy, no doubt dressed to impress, will have a few new songs this year, but we can also look forward to her staple Burlesque repertoire like “Welcome to Burlesque” originally sung by Cher. I’ve also heard on good authority that Dr. Long John will be making an appearance!

The show will take place on Sunday, June 13th at 1am and 1pm to accommodate most timezones. And after the show, curious lovers of art should stick around and explore what’s happening at Lyrics. For photogs looking for a fun photo sim, animations abound. Also, there’s a quirky café with a few surprise animations should you be the brave sort, unafraid to click and see! Then there is the Marakin Resort, complete with lobby, bar and chefs hard at work in the kitchen.

There are other music venues on the sim as well, including an intimate blues club where Chant will be hosting the incredible blues singer, JimmyT Dukes this summer. Side note: If you have never heard JimmyT sing, google him and you will be amazed that his kind of talent and warm, fun personality is just an IM away in SL!

So, save the date: Sunday, June 13th.
And just like the Perseids, if you miss it this year, you will have to wait an entire year for your next chance.
See you there!



Attend a FREE PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS with Kent Nowicka June 6th

Hi Everyone,

Kent Nowicka is going to hold a class on June 6th from 1-3pm at FOCUS. Enrollment is limited, so sign up soon. The classes are small so if you miss this one, be sure to get on the waiting list.

Participants will receive free material, coaching and feedback. The class is appropriate for beginners to experts.

Contact Kent Nowicka in-world to enroll.


The May Photo Contest

Submissions for the May 2021 Photo Contest are due tomorrow, May 27th! We will have our voting events on Friday, May 28th at 6pm and Saturday, May 29th at 12pm SLT! See you there! ♥

As always, please either send your photo to Angelathespian in-world, or leave it at the drop box outside of the main FOCUS Gallery on the Holly Kai sim! The drop box is a red mailbox where you can drag your photos inside. If you have any questions, please contact Angela or Cesar Lighthouse. ♥

The Answer is 42(00)!

Can you believe it? FOCUS had over 4200 visitors to the FOCUS Photography Fair in May 2021! The FOCUS Photography Fair is the very first and ONLY fair created in SL especially for SL photographers. We featured vendors with tech, expertise and other goodies to assist every SL photographer to enhance their craft. We worked hard to get the word out and our work paid off! Many thanks for Briony Writer for her write-up of the Focus Photography Fair for Seraphim and to Fynnys who wrote an article for the SL Enquirer. Also, many thanks to our vendors! We had an amazingly FUN and successful fair! Stay tuned about dates for the next one! ♥

The MAY 2021 Issue of FOCUS Art Magazine is here!

Tip of the Month ….. 4
Meet the FOCUS Team …. 10
FEATURED ARTIST Lika Cameo ….. 70
FOCUS ON Stores – Blackheart Kustoms …. 94
FOCUS ON Music Venues – Portofino’s …. 104
FOCUS ON Learning – Silverspar Library …. 120
FOCUS ON Art Galleries – Inspira Art Gallery …. 134
FOCUS ON Fashion – Haute Pinay …. 144
FOCUS ON Bloggers – Crann Bethadh …. 156
FOCUS ON Landscapes with the Magics …. 164
Ilyra’s Corner …. 166
FOCUS ON Live Music – Luna Amore …. 176
FotoBomb – Kaijah Chrome …. 182
FOCUS ON Book Reviews …. 186

Click on the magazine cover to read the current issue!

Last Day of the FOCUS Photography Fair!

Many thanks to everyone who has joined us for the second FOCUS Photography Fair! We will be here today until 4pm tonight with LIVE MUSIC and AMAZING DJs! See the list of entertainers below. See you at the fair! ♥

12:00 PM SLT -Scott Fitzgerald, acoustic live performer
1:00 PM SLT – Jeff Kohn live & The Twizzlers promise rock the place!
2:00 PM SLT – DJ Cassie Wonder will be taking the stream!
3:00 PM SLT – DJ PolygonFire will play the tunes!
Last Hours of seeing incredible Photography vendors!

The FIRST EVER Photography Fair in Second Life!! CLICK HERE TO TP!

Photography Fair II vendors – Thank You!

Many thanks to our Photography Fair II vendors! We are so pleased you had a FUN and SUCCESSSFUL experience!

FOCUS Photography Fair thanks Three Wishes Studio, Cabal, The Grove, Lyrics, SL Domina Poses, Polymorph, Salmagundi, WERX, Posepolis, Artemis Corner Sculptures, Unbound Spirit, M-1 Poses, Wicked J Poses, Hektoras, Idea, Animare, Something New Poses, Adventures in Second Life, FAC Creations, Moonflower, Shutter Up, Tribal Tuesday, Poses by Garcia, Luna Fatale, DAGallery, LDK Animations, Poses by Dean Bourne, Posa di Gata, The Bearded Guy, Amarie’s Dreams, AT Poses, Park Place, Sassy Sweet Poses, Shrike, LP, M-BdP, Image Photography, Wing Textures & Backgrounds, Zama Poses, The Upside Down, Fate, RVN Store, LUSH, [VSM], K Dior, Pink Moon, Poly’s Sky Settings, Pam Astonia Photography, Kody Meyers Photography, LEVI, Kent Photography, Quoted Memories, Exhalt, Green Story, and Frogmore!