Exploratorium of Art

The Exploratorium of Art exists as a rotating two-month exhibit of SL photographers and other artists. Curated by Tara Tisane, the purpose of the gallery is to promote positivity in art. The Exploratorium of Art fits FOCUS’s overall aspiration to be a haven in Second Life where artists of all levels can come together, enjoy each other’s passions and differences, with acceptance and appreciation.

Similar to a Real Life gallery or museum, we will have artists who are experienced with different styles. Each artist has their own style and personality in how they convey and express themselves in their art. Those who are interested in expanding their horizons within art and photography will be able to witness what is possible, and hopefully be inspired.

Once every other month, we will host a “Meet the Masters” event. The “Meet the Masters” event consists of a panel of artists whose are currently exhibiting in the Exploratorium. Novices who want to sharpen their skills will be invited to attend and ask questions of the panelists.

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