FOCUS Photo Fair: MORE Live music! Thursday, October 14th, 6:00 pm SLT!

Ruvilyn (Ruvilyn Gatchie)
Ruvilyn has been a singer ever since she can remember. Allegedly “she started with a round hairbrush when she was 2 years old — and has the pictures to prove that!”
Ruvilyn has performed around the world in both local and international bands: Canadian Idol, Popstar, Star Search, Choral Festivals, and more. She also stays active in her church choir and is a member of an award-winning school choral group.” You want a preview? Sure:
Mae Loved (mae.cliassi)
A Filipina born artist, Mae is an amazingly versatile musicianable to play several different instruments — and shealso produces music. Mae is a veteran resident of SL for over 10 years and is a musician for all generations, having gigs at places as diverse as Frank’s Jazz and Rock Your Rack.

FOCUS Photo Fair: Workshops!

Today Hermes Kondor discussed SL camera controls, composition, lighting, and other topics — all illustrated with a mockup up living room and photos he’d taken using different viewpoints and camera angles. (Even if you missed today’s meeting, he’ll be giving a followup session on Wednesday, October 20th. Free!)

“Photography is the art of freezing time and space — and then making an instant permanent!”

Thursday, October 14th (today for most of you!), Kent Nowicka will host another Workshop! It will begin at 5 pm SLT. Yes, you can learn as well as buy cool stuff at FOCUS Photo Fair 2021…

Photo contests during FOCUS Photo Fair 2021? Absolutely!

You can drag and drop your (hopefully) award-winning ‘theme photo’ into a mail box at the far end of the exhibition hall. The FOCUS area is on the second floor. Be sure to make your image ‘full permissions’, please. (Right click. Properties. Check off all 8 boxes)

This week’s themes — as you can see — are Tattoos (11-13th), and Hats (14-16th). Oh, and thank the sponsors by stopping to their booths while you’re at the Fair!

Shopper’s Alert: Open 24/7!

The FOCUS Photo Fair 2021 is a photographer’s paradise. It’s hard not to spend lindens here unless you’re into buying mesh basketballs or prim roses. (Yes, that’s a pun). With 60-some vendors here you’ll fall in love with something cool, so walk around and find it.

This is only part of it. We don’t have 360-degree cams yet in Second Life. Shucks!