PHOTOGRAPHY: An Interview with M8TY

know you are thinking, ‘now there’s a guy with a sexy accent who will pick me up, throw me on the bed, flip me onto all fours, pull my hair, grab the back of my neck, slap my ass.’ I am not that kind of man. Well maybe I am that kind of guy, but I am so much more than a hot piece of man meat, so back-off, missy! Lift your eyes up to my other head. I also have something between my ears.” – M8TY Continue reading PHOTOGRAPHY: An Interview with M8TY


Focus Gallery in Second Life

Originally posted on Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World:
Focus Magazine Gallery I recently received a couple of invitations to visit the new Focus Magazine Gallery, one from CybeleMoon, who is their inaugural Featured Artist exhibiting in the main gallery, and also from Angela Thespian, Editor of Focus Magazine. The main gallery occupies the upper floor of one wing of a multi-purpose building located within a sky platform designed to resemble a city-space. With the use of projected lighting, it is an ideal environment for displaying 2D – and is especially finely suited to CybeleMoon’s (Hana Hoobinoo) marvellous art-as-stories,… Continue reading Focus Gallery in Second Life