FOCUS Photo Fair: MORE Live music! Thursday, October 14th, 6:00 pm SLT!

Ruvilyn (Ruvilyn Gatchie)
Ruvilyn has been a singer ever since she can remember. Allegedly “she started with a round hairbrush when she was 2 years old — and has the pictures to prove that!”
Ruvilyn has performed around the world in both local and international bands: Canadian Idol, Popstar, Star Search, Choral Festivals, and more. She also stays active in her church choir and is a member of an award-winning school choral group.” You want a preview? Sure:
Mae Loved (mae.cliassi)
A Filipina born artist, Mae is an amazingly versatile musicianable to play several different instruments — and shealso produces music. Mae is a veteran resident of SL for over 10 years and is a musician for all generations, having gigs at places as diverse as Frank’s Jazz and Rock Your Rack.

FOCUS Photo Fair: Workshops!

Today Hermes Kondor discussed SL camera controls, composition, lighting, and other topics — all illustrated with a mockup up living room and photos he’d taken using different viewpoints and camera angles. (Even if you missed today’s meeting, he’ll be giving a followup session on Wednesday, October 20th. Free!)

“Photography is the art of freezing time and space — and then making an instant permanent!”

Thursday, October 14th (today for most of you!), Kent Nowicka will host another Workshop! It will begin at 5 pm SLT. Yes, you can learn as well as buy cool stuff at FOCUS Photo Fair 2021…