I always write the Editor’s Note when I have finished with the month’s entire issue so I have a broad — and final — idea of what it holds. And WOW… This is another astonishing issue that is PACKED with incredible information about art, people, music, love, life, education and HOPE!

This month we have Rage Darkstorm and Terra Merhyem! When I say their names, I half expect to hear applause follow! I mentioned in the December issue how I chatted a bit with Bryn Oh and, while I felt a bit intimidated, she turned out to be the coolest, nicest, down-to-earth person! The same thing happened when I met Rage and Terra. As soon as we met, they were both so engaging and fun that an hour and a half flew by. Terra even thanked me for showcasing them in our “prestigious” gallery and magazine. I’m not sure a higher compliment can be given for this love’s labor.

Also, featured is Kent Nowicka. I met him yeeears ago when he invited me to his studio to take my photo. The photo never happened but he stayed on my friends list! And this is a reason why people should not clear out their friends lists. A few years later, we began seeing each other more often and then, what seems like a natural transition, he let me know he would like to teach a workshop! In his interview, we learn where his creativity stems from and also a bit about his interesting life!

There is also an incredible amount to see in this issue including OBR photos, feature articles and, last but not least, VALENTINE’S DAY CLASSIFIEDS!!!

Enjoy everyone! See you next month!